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What is West Virginia Utility Scale Battery Storage? 

Any sort of battery storage with a capacity of a few MWh (single digits) and upwards is considered utility scale battery storage. The majority of the time, these batteries are deployed alongside regionally focused commercial and industrial applications, transmission grid components, or distribution grid components.


They are designed to boost the distribution and usage of renewable energy during periods when there isn't any generating or the system can't use this electricity right away. Utility-scale battery storage systems can enable a deeper integration of fluctuating renewable energy into the grid by storing any surplus generated energy and smoothing the energy output through a procedure known as capacity firming.

Why is West Virginia Utility Scale Battery Storage Important? 

As more and more renewables (solar, wind, tidal) are built, the requirement to not only provide continuous and stable power into the grid, or for the local application, becomes ever more important. Utilities, network operators, and developers are better equipped to conduct wholesale market trading, lower their pricing risk, and benefit from ancillary services income by utilizing utility scale battery storage alongside renewable generation.

How Exactly Does West Virginia Utility Scale Battery Storage System Work?

The batteries you store in your kitchen drawer or put in your kids' toys are not quite as sophisticated as battery energy storage devices. Electricity produced from renewable resources, such as wind and solar energy, may be used to charge a battery storage system.


Computerized control systems are utilized to determine when to hold the energy for reserves or release it to the grid, and intelligent battery software is used to coordinate energy production. During periods of high demand, energy is discharged from the battery storage system to keep prices down and the electricity flowing.

Looking for More Information West Virginia Utility Scale Battery Storage? Contact McK Construction.

Our team here at McK Construction has decades of expertise working in commercial and grid size energy storage applications as the top utility scale battery storage producer. Contact us today to speak with a specialist if you're looking at alternatives for your own utility size application.

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